I Googled the Taj Mahal and the first instance was “The Taj Mahal – Clydebank” Thats one of many things I love about Glasgow/Scotland/West Dumbartonshire, whichever, the vast amount of curry houses, and there a many a great curry house here.

I googled the Taj Mahal because I was heading to India and was unsure If I wanted to see it or not as I wasn’t going for the standard tourist spots. We decided to go and yet again I wasn’t expecting to be in such awe as I was.

As you enter the grounds outside the wall which surrounds the¬†mausoleum you have no real view yet of the impressive ivory-marble white structure. Stepping inside the main gateway is typical cool like most marble buildings. As you step closer you see the archway into the main grounds and in the distance perfectly framed by the archway, the huge dome of the tomb. Stepping even closer the whole structure comes into view as you step into the light and the gardens – the goose bumps really kick in. This is beautiful, the colours, the light at sunrise…perfect, good for my soul…Love it. Powerful.

TajMahal copy