Earlier in the year I had taken a trip up to Rannoch Moor to shoot some astrophotography, it was a cold but clear day so why not? One of the best things about the journey up was eventually reaching snow, we hadn’t had much snow if any at all. The one thing I like when shooting this kind of image is to have a slight spill of light from the towns and cities further down from the highlands. It’s amazing how much light pollution from these towns, which are some distance away, still affects the result of the image. You could shoot in a location so far away from such light that you end up with just pure black skies with lots of little speckles of white (that’ll be the stars then!) The image below was shot using a 14mm lens also with a 30 second exposure, which I feel is too much as you can see more movement of the stars, for example blurred, streaks etc. The iso was set to 2000 & f3.2. If I remember I lit the road with a flash gun at points along the way. To the middle right of the image you can see part of the Orion and constellation .